Is There Value in Press Releases? Five Reasons Why They Matter


Mar 2021

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The main purpose of a press release is to clearly promote something of signifance to the media in hopes that they will find it newsworthy enough to write an article. That has not changed. However, the impact of a press release and why it’s a valuable asset to your brand has evolved over the years, especially within the online world. Now, not only journalists have access to press releases, but customers, sales prospects, analysts and stakesholders as well.
There are five reasons press releases are valuable in this new age of PR and digital marketing:
Establish a relationship with the media. Press releases  are the primary source of information for 71% of journalists looking for content from brands. They show a journalist that the news is researched, factual and newsworthy.  Having a history of issuing clear, concise press releases helps build a rapport with journalists and leads to lasting relationships.
Credibility. The media and general public see press releases as trusted sources of news. As  mentioned above, they are pieces of news that are researched and factual. This brings a sense of integrity to the clients we represent. Press releases are especially an asset to new or small businesses looking to build a trustworthy reputation.
Build social relevance. When press releases are posted on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn,  readers not only is given direct access online, but also they can then share that press release with others. This provides the opportunity to directly engage with the target audience and reach audiences that weren’t even considered.
Search optimization. Press releases add to your search optimization score. When you are employing SEO best practices for search algorithms, search engines can find, match, index and rank your press releases. The more the link of a press release or the website featured in a press release is clicked on, the higher the search optimization score.
Build content portfolio. In a world where content is is still king, it helps to have new and relevant content being promoted as often as possible. This ties into press releases giving credibility to a brand. The more the world sees your brand, the more trust they have in your product or service.
At Sterling Kilgore we promote the use of press releases as a way to continue to share your brand’s newsworthy moments, keeping in mind how both PR and digital media are ever evolving. If you are interested in learning more about how we can make your company famous with press releases that get noticed, please visit our website


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