Coming Soon to a LinkedIn Page Near You – Reactions


May 2019


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You’re not imagining it; your LinkedIn Page is changing. The social media platform has undergone a series of updates since it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. You can now upload videos, share PDFs and slide decks…and that’s not even getting into the added features of Company Pages.
All of this helped lead to record levels of engagement at the end of 2018, and it has not slowed down since. In fact, Microsoft recently shared an update stating LinkedIn engagement is continuing to rise in 2019. Based on my anecdotal evidence, I certainly agree. Every day, it seems like there are more and more active conversations taking place among my connections and on my timeline.
While LinkedIn started off as a network to help people land their next career opportunity, it has evolved to become a social media tool where professionals can share their ideas, connect with colleagues in their field and help their business grow. As I mentioned, all the new features have helped enhance the platform. Now, get ready for a few new LinkedIn features about to be added that will play right into added levels of engagement…
You are (most likely) familiar with the reaction capabilities of Facebook where you can choose from a series of emojis to leave on a post. Just a couple weeks ago, LinkedIn launched a test program to select accounts adding similar capabilities. Within the next few months, all LinkedIn members will have the ability to leave a reaction. Your new reaction buttons will consist of:

  • Like
  • Celebrate
  • Love
  • Insightful
  • Curious

The reaction buttons will eventually be available for both individuals and company page posts. For your organization and its LinkedIn Company Page, this will provide an added level of measurement. Each of these reactions can provide important intel on how you’re enhancing brand loyalty and awareness through your LinkedIn efforts.
Are posts promoting your company culture generating more “Loves” and “Celebrates” than other posts? Does a certain style of post garner a lot of “Insightful” and “Curious” from your audience? You’ll now be able to answer questions like these.
With the full rollout of reactions set to be complete in a few months, you’ll have time to prepare accordingly for the new ways your audience can engage with you. I, for one, am looking forward to “Celebrating” these new engagement opportunities!


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