15 Jun 2016

It is a gigantic thrill to see your company referred to positively in the news and your executives quoted by reporters in magazines, blogs, e-newsletters and online publications. It’s an ego boost. It’s something you want to show off to your mom no matter what your age or experience level.  My nephew in the C-suite at his company doesn’t hesitate to send his parents links to the media coverage that includes him.

Maternal delight notwithstanding, media coverage is much more important than ego.  It also serves the express purpose of capturing your customers’ and prospects’ attention with a key ingredient you just can’t fabricate inside your own communications department: third-party credibility.

Coveted like the holy grail of buzz, third-party credibility is derived from being included in an article important enough to merit publication, written by a reporter who knows the industry so well and chose to include you (with some skilled assistance from your PR firm).  Similarly, having an editor select your executive’s thought leader article for their publication, newspaper or blog reinforces third-party credibility by positioning your leader chosen by an editor as the trendsetter.

Being in the news gives your company promotional prowess in many ways:

  1. Bragging rights – Sharing an article over social media in which someone else says how great you are is much more powerful and impressive than you telling people how great you are. Even your mom will think so.
  1. Get trusted – Despite recent statistics that Americans’ trust in the mass media is at an all-time low, American business people remain trusting of what they read in trade publications, which include business-to-business media outlets, focused industry publications and news sources produced by business associations. Trade publications are what your B2B customers are reading to solve their work-related challenges, so become a part of the business-to-business media and be counted among the trusted.
  1. Improve your SEO – The greater the number of credible places your company’s name appears online, the better your search rankings when people are looking for companies that do what you do.
  1. Be a part of the world at large – Being included in content generated by entities outside your company’s four walls allows you to become connected to a world larger than the island of your website and social media properties. It puts your products and services on the mainland, your thought leaders and practitioners smack-dab in the middle of what’s newsworthy and happening, rather than on the periphery of the action.

When planning your marketing strategy, don’t forget to put aside resources for media relations. Let’s get out there and make your mother proud!