09 Jun 2016

In the world of social media, things can change in the blink of an eye. If we were able to borrow a certain DeLorean time machine and take a trip back to 2005, we wouldn’t have heard a tweet about Twitter. YouTube and Facebook were still in their infancies. LinkedIn was a well kept secret. We wouldn’t even be able to ask a social media marketer which social platform is most successful for their business because the job didn’t exist yet!

In a span of 11 years, it seems like new social media platforms are popping up on a weekly basis.

In fact, one of my more memorable experiences was attending the 2015 Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, California. Periscope and Meerkat, two social streaming video apps, had recently launched and people were abuzz! Every session I attended, it seemed like speakers fielded at least a dozen questions about each platform.

As a business, the idea of signing up for a new social media platform is a simple Yes or No question. However, arriving to that answer is a little bit more complicated as there are several areas that require skilled navigation. With that in mind, we developed these three questions you should ask before you say yes.

Ready? Here we go!

  1. Is my audience on there? – This is an important one. Snapchat is all the rage these days and you may feel pressure that your business should be on it. But who is your business selling to? There’s a reason only 5% of B2B companies were on Snapchat in 2015. If your audience isn’t on a specific social media platform, you may be better off focusing your social media efforts where they are.
  2. Do we have a content strategy? – So you’ve got a great idea to post a product video on Vine but what about after that? Nothing can short-circuit the growth of a social media program quicker than announcing your presence on a platform only to go silent on it for the next three months (Not to mention, inactive accounts are not a good reflection on your business). Be sure you have a content plan ready to handle the demands each platform entails.
  3. Do we have a firm grasp of the platform’s intricacies? – Social media platforms are like countries. Each has its own set of rules and customs. Before starting out, you’ll want to be sure you have a deep understanding how users communicate with each other and what is considered a faux pas. Otherwise, you could make a mistake that puts your business in social media jail!

Did these help out? Are you all set to sign up for the latest and greatest social media platform? Be sure to give us a call at 630-964-8500 and we can help take your program to new heights.