The Sterling team always made my job easier and my days—just by being themselves. We had a lot of fun growing something from nothing and built an incredibly strong program that is now heads above others in the social media space. It’s a true pleasure working with such professionals.

Maureen Carroll Gormeley
Social Media Manager


When Ricoh Production Printing Business Group wanted to execute a comprehensive social media strategy in the 3rd quarter of 2010, the division contacted Sterling due to its prior experiences working with the firm to produce its integrated marketing strategy.

Sterling then was asked to launch and manage Ricoh Americas’ social media presence. Late to the party when it came to social media, Sterling went to work to develop a strategy that focused on key business units, created branded, custom designs for each platform, and developed a roll-out plan to announce the program to employees and customers.


Within three months, Sterling helped Ricoh establish an effective presence on the major social media platforms, managing 9 vertically focused twitter accouns; two Facebook pages, five vertical blogs and Ricoh TV—with staggering numbers of engagement.

From Launch in June 2010 to present

  • 7,393 Twitter followers
  • 1,437 Facebook fans
  • 12,378 Unique blog visitors
  • 1,886 YouTube subscribers
  • 91,119 Twitter clicks generated
  • 18,071 blog page views
  • 23,452 Facebook page views
  • 16,425 YouTube video views
  • 2,720 Facebook likes/comments
  • 3,524 Twitter @ replies/retweets

Sterling now works with Ricoh to manage its entire U.S. social media presence. To expand the program Sterling:

  • Developed a strategy that focused on key business units and messaging
  • Created branded custom designs for each social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and social media landing page) and profile copy for the team’s approval

Sterling manages the following social media platforms for Ricoh USA and six vertically focused accounts:


  • @RicohTweets
  • @RicohProPrint
  • @RicohHealth
  • @RicohFederal
  • @RicohLegal
  • @RicohVision
  • @RicohServices
  • @AskRicoh
  • @WkIntelligently


  • Ricoh USA
  • Ricoh Production Print


  • The Pathfinder: Navigating MDS
  • Connect With Ricoh
  • The Medical Record
  • Legal Matters
  • Ricoh Vision


  • Ricoh TV

Ricoh USA’s Social Media

From Launch in May 2011 to present

  • 20,143 Twitter followers
  • 8,852 Facebook fans
  • 31,074 Unique blog visitors
  • 1,886 YouTube subscribers
  • 283,506 Twitter clicks generated
  • 85,897 blog page views
  • 801,267 Facebook page views
  • 233,185 YouTube video views
  • 21,973 Facebook likes/comments
  • 13,418 Twitter @ replies/retweets

Target Market Focus

  • Print Service Providers

How We Did It

Sterling worked with Ricoh Production Printing Business Group:

  • Conducted a thorough audit and analysis of the production printing social media space
  • Identified key influencers, business partners and customers to engage through social media
  • Developed a 6-month social media marketing strategy culminating with the launch of the RICOH Pro C901 digital press at Graph Expo 2010
  • Created and launched Ricoh Production Printing Business Group’s social media platforms during that time, to include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the Connect With Ricoh blog
  • Developed a content marketing strategy and editorial calendar targeted at print service providers, to include industry-leading whitepapers, marketing as a service resources, business development tools, Ricoh product releases and more