23 Jan 2018

Working with several Sterling Kilgore social media accounts, I quickly learned that each company has a different audience with divergent interests and varying preferences for the ways they would like you to communicate with them.

Everything related to your company on social media is a part of your brand’s identity – images, logos, colors, fonts, videos, links, webinars and language are just a few examples. So, of course, every dimension of your company shared on social media needs to be consistent with your company’s image and culture. Additionally, your company’s voice should be dependable over time when it comes to values, syntax and the topics discussed. You don’t want it to sound like several different people are posting for your company – you want one consistent voice.

When I was having difficulty understanding what was meant by a brand’s voice, I was told that the best way to keep a company’s voice on social media consistent with its organizational culture is to think of that company as a person with unique interests. Thinking about companies as people provided me with guidelines and boundaries to determine what a company would or wouldn’t say. This helped me to determine the tone, language and content of each brand in order to communicate a consistent message.

Here are some examples to provide a framework:

  1. Tone – professional, funny, serious, playful, amusing, witty, intellectual
  2. Language – formal or informal, whether or not slang and/or cursing is permissible, direct or expressive
  3. Content – values, mission, products, services, customers, industry

You probably wouldn’t mind interacting with an account that told jokes and said goofy things if they sell cookies, but posts like that would be less appreciated if the organization sells health insurance. Your company’s product and services influence the voice of your brand.

One thing I have learned for sure is that building your brand’s voice takes time, effort, experimentation, research and creativity. We can help you with this by setting guidelines that look at your company’s values and the interests of the audience you are trying to engage. From there we can help refine your messages, define your voice and turn your company’s social media presence into a competitive advantage!