05 Apr 2018

As I’ve gotten older, I realize the saying “with age comes wisdom” applies a little differently to me. Sure, I’ve gained some wisdom through the years but the one thing that’s really changed is how many different foods I am willing to try. If you asked me to try tofu in college, I would probably ask how much of my tuition you were willing to pay me. Today, it’s something I’ve actually come to enjoy.

But it’s not tofu I plan to discuss with you today. When we’re talking about TOFU as it relates to content marketing, it stands for Top-Of-the-Funnel. This type of content is vital to the buyer journey because TOFU content is (very likely) to be an introduction of your company to the customer. Let’s say a potential customer was seeking help in solving a particular problem they were having. If they don’t already know where to find information, one of the first places they will likely look is the Google search bar. And if you can help solve this customer’s problem, you want to ensure your company appears at the top of the list.

That means having TOFU content designed to answer any potential questions they may have.

As a marketer, your company most likely has created several pieces of content already that would qualify as TOFU. Infographics, company blogs, bylines … these are all great examples of TOFU. Think of it as content that is created to reach as many people possible while also bringing brand awareness to your targeted audience.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when creating TOFU content:

  • Don’t be too promotional – One of the main purposes of TOFU content is to educate. A customer has a problem. Your company is the expert and can help solve that problem. When you solved one issue for them, they’ll likely look to your company again to help them. Make sure, then, that your content explains all the things you can do for them. If you’re creating content that’s only talking about how great your company is, you may turn away any potential customers who don’t think you can help them with their needs.
  • Ensure your keywords are optimized – When creating TOFU content, it’s important to think about what your potential customers may be Googling to find their answers. Knowing what key words they are using in their search will help guide the messaging of your content marketing pieces, ensuring all materials have the appropriate keywords sprinkled in.
  • Have a social media plan in place – Social media is a terrific way to promote your TOFU content for even greater reach. If your content educates on a trend or current business issue, other users will be more likely to share it with their followers. Now you’ve just expanded the reach of your content beyond your own following while also building up brand loyalty with other users. Not to mention, social media will also give you a clear understanding of what your target audience likes and engages with. That will be valuable information as you create even more pieces of TOFU content.

TOFU content is just the beginning, though. There’s also Middle-of-the-Funnel and Bottom-of-the-Funnel content that you want to keep in mind. Be sure to check back with us for part 2 where we will be covering that topic! In the meantime, we are experts at creating all types of content and would love to help you!