05 May 2017

Let’s take a quick poll – raise your hand if your business is looking for ways to attract more website visitors? Be the “go-to expert” in your industry? Generate more content?

Perhaps, all the above?

While there is no instant solution to achieving those goals that many businesses are grappling with today, there is one tactic that can help you tackle all three at once¬¬—blogging. Yes, a blog post about blogging seems very “meta” but trust us when we say a blog for your business is an invaluable tool. If you raised your hand during our poll earlier, here are three reasons why starting a blog should be next on your to-do list:

  1. Blogging bolsters your SEO efforts – Search engines love high-quality, fresh content. In fact, they thrive off of it. Each time you hit publish on a blog post, a new page is created on your website that needs to be indexed by the search engines. In turn, that creates a new opportunity for your business to show up in searches performed by your prospects and customers on relevant keywords. It also signals to Google, and the other search engines, that your website is active and should be checked frequently for new content to index. By blogging consistently for your business and publishing valuable content, the search engines will reward you by pushing it closer to the top in search results. The closer to the top your content is, the more likely it is to be discovered and clicked on to lead readers to your website.
  2. Blogging further expands thought leadership – Creating valuable content not only feeds the search engines but it also “feeds” your audience and helps establish you and your company as an industry expert. By answering common questions that your customers may have, commenting on industry trends and otherwise demonstrating expertise in your field, your readers will come to know you as a trusted authority. The more you show your readers that you understand their current issues and concerns, and can provide resources that resonate with them, the greater trust you will build. Plus, if your content is consistently showing up in search results for your prospects and customers, the greater your chances that you’ll be top of mind when it comes time to make a buying decision.
  3. Blogging fuels your social media and public relations efforts – In the realms of social media and public relations, content makes the world go ‘round. Once you have a library of stellar blog posts being published on your organization’s website, why not share it? Blog posts can be shared across all of your social media platforms, turned into video scripts, infographics, shareable images and other forms of content that will keep the conversation going. Additionally, your blog posts can provide new ideas that can be extended into topics for bylined articles, interviews and more. Content really is king.

The benefits of blogging go even further, but these three pack the greatest punch for your efforts. What business wouldn’t want more website traffic, to be considered a thought leader and to generate content for its social media and PR efforts? (That’s really not a trick question.)