15 Feb 2017

As you sit down to draft or update your company’s social media strategy, you probably have your target audience in mind (if not, let’s talk!). You have your current customers, then prospects and future customers as well as the “influencers” in your industry. These are all important groups of people that you want to keep in mind as you embark on your social media journey. But are you forgetting someone? Think about a group of people that knows your brand inside and out? The people that engage with your company on a daily basis?

Your employees. Don’t forget about your employees!

Your employees already love your brand, can speak knowledgably about your products and services and want to see your company succeed. That’s social media best friend material! Why not empower them to be your ambassadors?

Here are three ways your organization can benefit:

  1. Increase the reach of your content – Sharing content through your company’s branded channels is the foundation of your social media program. With a brand ambassador program in place, you can go beyond the followers of your company’s accounts and tap into the connections of your employees. These connections are likely to span beyond those your company profiles have, ultimately spreading your content to a wider and more diverse audience.
  2. Build credibility with your audience – According to a study by Nielsen, only 33 percent of buyers trust messages they receive from a brand while 90 percent of customers trust product or service recommendations from people they know. Why is that? Because people trust other people more than a logo. Enabling your employees to post, tweet and share authentically about your brand will speak volumes to the audiences they reach.
  1. Widen the breadth of your thought leadership – By empowering your employees to actively share their industry knowledge and company content, your company is growing an engaged network of thought leaders and your employees are strengthening their personal brands. That’s a win-win for everyone!

In all aspects of your business, your employees are your greatest assets. Giving them the resources and opportunity to actively participate as ambassadors of your brand can exponentially increase the impact of your social media program.