25 Jul 2017

The recent CNN debacle concerning the retraction of untrue articles about the President’s connection with Russia forces Americans to wonder if any news is true.  If we can’t even trust the first all-news television channel in the United States, with its long history of credible reporting, who in the media can we trust?

As someone who has worked directly with the media every day of the week for the past few decades, give or take a few years, I have an answer to this concerning question.  Let me assure you, all is not lost.

Not only is there a segment of the media that regularly reports factual news, confirmed intelligence and  accurate analysis, but it also reports uplifting success stories from which readers can learn. It points out the solid and worthy leaders of today so readers have role models for building their own future success.

True news with a positive bent: Does such media really exist in a secular world?

Let me introduce you to the trade press.  Trade press, meet your next big story.  The trade press not only meets all our check boxes for what we hope for from the media, but it does it in a way that elevates the world of business.  Rather than scooping gossip and sensationalizing the petty, the trade press is real news about real challenges, featuring solutions that literally change the face of business.

Oh sure, the national consumer press with circulations that reach into the millions, viewership that reaches into the multi-millions and social media followers that go into astronomical numbers may be viewed as glamorous. But how many of those readers, viewers and followers are targeted buyers of products and services like yours?  The national consumer press is fine if you’re Coca-Cola, Honda or IKEA.  But what if your customers don’t shop at a store?  What if your company isn’t the type that’s reviewed on Yelp?  What if your company provides solutions that solve problems behind the scenes of what the average consumer ever sees or knows exists?

Our love of the trade press stems from the fact that our clients’ customers are buyers who read trade publications specifically because they are seeking solutions to their work challenges.  In an effort to improve their productivity, increase revenue and reduce costs, they are soaking up information from articles about their specific industry in their specific markets.  This is where we live, bringing stories about our clients to the reporters and publications trusted by those who buy what our clients are selling.  It’s not about scandals and hear-say in the trade press. It’s about reality, grounded in scenarios that are actually occurring in business today and prompting stakeholders to look for solutions.  The trade press is a world of wonders for serious B2B solution providers.  We help our clients be among them.

If you are serious about putting your B2B solutions into the marketplace and you want visibility in your vertical markets, then you absolutely must be present in trade publications.  Call on us to provide you with an introduction into the wonderful of world of the trade media.