It was a lot of fun to grow Exstream to be a world leader and you should be very proud of Sterling’s role in making this happen.

Davis Marksbury
Founder and CEO
Exstream Software


Joining us in January of 2000, Exstream approached Sterling when it was just introducing its document composition software, Dialogue, to the marketplace. At the time, it had a client base of eight companies and under $20 million in annual revenue. Exstream’s goal was to “become famous,” gaining the visibility needed to grow its business exponentially.


Within seven years, Exstream became the 800-pound gorilla in its space with a worldwide presence, over 300 enterprises using its software and $100 million in revenue. In 2007, it was acquired by industry giant Hewlett-Packard for $700 million. Exstream attributes 60 percent of its success to its marketing and PR efforts.

Hewlett-Packard went on record saying: “We became very interested in this company because we saw Exstream everywhere.”

Target Market Focus

Year 1: Print Service Providers

Year 2: Financial Services & Insurance

Year 3: Telecom, Utilities & Retail

Year 4 – 7: All

How We Did It

With a goal of increasing visibility in the crowded technology market, we used the following tactics:

  • Media Relations – Using the power of building relationships and targeted (not self-serving) communication efforts.
  • Press Releases – Newsworthy and timely, press releases provided an opportunity to disseminate important information about the company and product to select media outlets and via the wire.
  • Expert Writing / Speaking – Showcasing expertise by researching and developing topics for articles or speaking engagements at conferences.
  • Case studies – Making customers Exstream’s evangelists was a high priority.

In 2007 alone Sterling secured:

  • 92 feature articles
  • 807 briefs
  • 38 bylined articles
  • 12 speaking engagements
  • 10 press appointments