20 Apr 2016

It’s no secret that each social media platform has its own custom algorithm, designed to help determine which content shows up in your news feed. Facebook was the first to develop this in 2007 and the company continues to tinker with it. LinkedIn has since developed a similar news feed algorithm as Facebook. Twitter just began instituting a new feature which delivers “the best tweets first” on your timeline and Instagram will be introducing something similar in the months ahead.

For your company pages, these algorithms have made it a little bit more challenging to reach as many eyeballs as possible on social media. Gone are the days when you could post something on your company page and expect at least 40% of your audience to see your update. Now, it’s all about how each of your followers respond to the content you’re sharing. Let’s say your company Facebook page has 1,000 followers but only 100 engage with the content you share. The potential of your organic reach will suffer as a result of that. (In my experience, I’ve seen some company pages with more than 8,000 followers reach an audience of less than 50 people!)

If your business is rolling out a new campaign or if you have an exciting new announcement, you want to make sure this news doesn’t get lost in the social media stream for your customers and potential customers. Enter Sponsored Posts.

Sponsored posts are a terrific way to ensure your news reaches as many people as possible. What’s even better is that each social media platform offers a variety of customizable and creative ways to help accomplish your goals.

Here are a few of the biggest advantages of sponsoring your posts:

  • You can set your own budget – Whatever you want to pay for your sponsored posts campaign, you can! Only want to spend $50? That’s totally fine. However, it’s important to note that the more you’re willing to spend, the more you’re likely to get out of your campaign.
  • Target the audience you want to reach – If you want to reach users in a specific industry like banking, healthcare or even packaging, sponsored posts makes it very easy to do so. This helps ensure your campaign will have the biggest impact possible and not reach irrelevant audiences.
  • Expand your reach – Sponsored posts allow you to easily double, triple or sometimes even quadruple the size of your viewing audience. With the ability to also target your audience, sponsored posts can be more powerful than a television commercial (and for far less of a price!).

These are just a few of the biggest advantages of a sponsored posts campaign. Chances are if you undertake one, you’re bound to find plenty more!

Do you need help planning or executing an upcoming sponsored posts campaign for your business? Our team has experience on all social media platforms and would love to give you a hand! Feel free to visit us here for more information.