22 Jun 2016

Social media isn’t unknown territory anymore. It’s an active environment where many businesses engage with their customers online and where customers voraciously share and consume content to help them in both their personal and professional lives (and yes, watch the occasional cat video). It’s a phenomenal platform for promoting, posting, publishing and proliferating your business’ content to all corners of the digital realm, but before you hit send one more time I encourage you to pause for a moment. Stop and listen. Do you hear what I hear?

It’s your customers and they’re talking about you. They’re taking to social media to talk about their needs, their likes, their concerns, their frustrations. Are you listening?

Social media comments about your products, services, or company offer valuable information. Here are three things your business can learn by listening:

  1. How do your prospects and customers really feel about your brand? Protecting your brand’s reputation is a cornerstone of any public relations and social media program. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the social conversation, good or bad, you have the ability to proactively identify areas of your business that may need attention.
  2. What do your customers love about your products or services and what can be improved? Think of social media as the never ending focus group. Everyone loves to share their opinion online! Rather than letting your customers shout into the void of the internet, you can gather this valuable intelligence and find ways to act on it that benefit both your business and your customers.
  3. Is your social media program working? By taking a step back to really listen to your customers, you have the opportunity to take stock of what’s working and what’s not. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of endlessly posting content, but posting simply for the sake of posting does not a social media strategy make. By listening to your customers and what content resonates with them most, you can easily shift to the current needs of your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Social media and the digital world seem to move at lightning speed sometimes, but there is value to be found in taking the time to listen. Amid all of the noise on the web, there is a goldmine of information and consumer insights waiting for you.

Are you hearing them?