26 Aug 2016

Not long ago, the tactics and techniques utilized to achieve optimal search engine rankings were vastly different than what we see today. Gone are the days of cramming key words and phrases into blogs that served no other purpose than to be indexed by search engines, or farming out backlinks to a network of otherwise […]

19 Aug 2016

Just the other day, a local restaurant dropped off a sample at our office—one chocolate chip cookie. We laughed as we cut it into small pieces so more than one person could try it. The very next week a pizzeria dropped off a sample at our office, and just like the previous restaurant, they left […]

06 Jul 2016

The debate about whether the press release is dead has been like watching a good tennis match—back and forth, back and forth. Some PR pros have declared the press release dead due to social media and shrinking numbers of journalists. But then, like Colin Clive acting as Henry Frankenstein, there are those who shout “it’s […]

22 Jun 2016

Social media isn’t unknown territory anymore. It’s an active environment where many businesses engage with their customers online and where customers voraciously share and consume content to help them in both their personal and professional lives (and yes, watch the occasional cat video). It’s a phenomenal platform for promoting, posting, publishing and proliferating your business’ […]