4 PR Trends to Watch in 2019


Jan 2019

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With 2018 now firmly in our rearview mirror, there is no better time to solidify your brand’s public relations strategy for the New Year. And you’re in luck because with the many ways you can tell your brand’s story, the PR landscape is more exciting than ever. In fact, Cision’s 2018 Global Coms Report details the latest insights into the forces that are transforming public relations and marketing departments. There are several useful nuggets of information you can apply to your own business. These are the four PR trends for the upcoming year that stood out to me:

  1. There will be a continued focus on data. PR teams will be dedicating more time to measuring and monitoring their PR initiatives than ever before. Not only will the amount of data available to PR professionals grow significantly, but PR pros will also face an increasing demand to demonstrate their value. This will stimulate the need for organizations to hire PR pros who can derive insights from data and use that analysis to benchmark and measure the achievement of business objectives.
  2. The integration of digital and traditional media strategies. Assessing the impact of PR campaigns helps PR professionals understand which channels are delivering a brand’s message to its audience most effectively. The popularity of more traditional media outlets has been falling compared with newer ways of reaching consumers, like social media. However, it is important not to downplay the value of traditional sources. Not only are traditional media outlets adapting to meet the needs of a digital world, but journalists are a strong source of third-party credibility that should not be underestimated.
  3. Social media marketing will continue to thrive. Social media will persist as the top choice of marketers for influencing customer behavior. At Sterling Kilgore, our public relations and social media teams take a collaborative approach to telling our clients’ stories. Our public relations team uses social media to amplify public relations efforts and vice versa. Working together, these teams are able to tell a brand’s story in a more impactful way than if each function operated in a silo.
  4. The rise of influencers. As the popularity of influencers continues to skyrocket, smart PR pros will cultivate relationships with those that align with your brand. Influencers can deliver a brand message in a powerful way to new audiences. However, choosing influencers by the size of their audience might not the most effective way to tell your story. The most beneficial influencers will have high levels of engagement and a deep connection with their followers.

No matter how much technology and communication habits change, the key responsibility of a PR pro remains the same: to tell your brand’s compelling story. We can certainly help you with your efforts. Give us a call to see how we can help your business achieve its PR objectives in the upcoming year!


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